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Nombre:Assessment of the Relevant Market in Competition Matters

This report provides a framework for evaluating evidence for assessing the relevant market, describes some of the tools that can be used for collecting and analyzing evidence on the relevant market, and discusses practical issues that arise in applying the framework and tools to actual cases. A broad consensus has emerged among the world’s major competition authorities, as well as the community of antitrust scholars and practitioners, on how to approach market definition. This report largely reflects that consensus while highlighting some remaining sources of disagreement. Importantly, there is general agreement that market definition is not an end in itself but rather a process. There is also a consensus that mechanical approaches to market definition can lead to significant error. Therefore a flexible approach that rigorously weighs the available evidence in the context of the case at hand is needed. This report is designed to serve two purposes. It is intended to provide the Mexican Federal Competition Commission (CFC or Commission) with a description of the prevailing international practices for assessing the relevant market. It is also intended to provide businesses (and their legal advisors) guidance on how competition authorities analyze the relevant market for the purposes of assessing the legality of practices or mergers that businesses might be engaged in or contemplating.

Richard Schmaleense

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