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Horizontal agreements among competitors can lead to significant economic benefits which in turn can translate into significant consumer benefits, especially when such agreements take advantage of complementary skills. These agreements may allow for the development of new products, enhance the speed of development of such products, increase the quality and variety of options available, save costs or share risks. However, horizontal agreements may also lead to competition concerns. That is the case when they facilitate practices which fix prices or output, fix the allocation of markets or customers, or foreclose future competitors. Such agreements are likely to lead to consumer losses through increased prices or reduced quality, quantity or variety of output; they may also stifle innovation and new product development.

The analytical framework herein proposed is based on economic and legal principles for assessing horizontal agreements and the contexts in which they take place; it applies to agreements which are not per se illegal. The analysis of agreements under the rule of reason is based upon best international practices, including those of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the European Commission.

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